Rachid Taha died a week before to celebrate its 60th spring, last September. The rocker was popular in France and loved abroad, from Great Britain to the Middle East. It was recognized of his titles to this amazing fusion of rock’n’roll, electronic and sounds coming from the East. It was inspired by this time of the instrumentation in africa. Rachid Taha is a tribute, in his album posthumous I am African , the vast continent. The CD comes out next fall. Find out now the hit song of this new album.

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In I am African , Rachid Taha, an Algerian, said his admiration for the great figures of black, Nelson Mandela, Jimi Hendrix, passing by the poet Aimé Césaire. The clip begins with the primers a follower of sapologie, this mode congolese, which aims to ostentation in dress the more excessive. “I am an African from Paris to Bamako,” sung by Rachid Taha. Benjamin Biolay or Mouloud Achour repeat in chorus the refrain. “I love Africa, spooky,” says the rocker. Faithful to its values, he ridiculed racism, highlighting the Africa, and remembering that this continent is usually regarded as the “cradle of humanity”.

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“This album resembles, in its singularity, in its madness, in its freedom”, has entrusted his only-begotten son Lyes Taha on the page Facebook of the singer. “My father has spent his last two years working on this album,” he says. With his heart and his whole being.” It is believed to lyrics. Those that Rachid Taha has written in this hymn to the universality.