Tarik Nabil Andrieu to civil status, more known as members of the rap group NLP, are proud of their origins, algerian and know. The duo of Corbeil-Essonnes has unveiled a title unheard on Friday night after the 1-0 win for Algeria against Senegal in the final of the Africa Cup of nations football. Our and Ademo (their artist names) were simultaneously released on the social networks a video of a song performed for the occasion. Entitled Tahia as in the chorus, “Tahia Djazair”, meaning long Live Algeria. The group has accompanied this surprise of a little text to explain its approach. “Proud as Algeria!! It’s been a long time that we wanted to go out this blood green-bodied that flows in our veins and there it is the most beautiful way for us to get off our fucking blood!!!”, they explain in an allusion, also, to their father in corsica.

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The song a little more than three minutes has no dedicated video, but the visual of the title looks like a postcard of green, white and red, the colors of Algeria. To the left, the Eiffel tower and to the right the memorial to the Martyr of Algiers, with the middle stamp-where are the two brothers. In the middle of the references in the foot – “Finished playing the cons, I their put p’tits bridges” – they sing with their language encrypted usual the blending of their families: “That the mif’, it is Tarterets, this is Algiers, a little too full-bodied”. On a background of traditional music, where their voices drip with their flow passed to the vocoder, the video of Tahia already has more than 2.4 million views.