Sixteen pieces were not enough for the duo of rapper to express all of his moods. NLP spring his vocoder for four titles published this Friday at the detail, SD , according to the slang of one of the pieces of the most popular of the album Two Brothers . The rhymes and the blues Tarik Nabil Andrieux, alias “Ademo” and “N. O. S.”, come feed the tracks 17 to 20 of the album released three months ago and now double platinum.

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The previous songs on the album, blending sounds latinas and guitars Spanish electronic music imprint of spleen. For the four new titles, the two brothers laid the guitars to embrace their wave to the soul. Rappers donned the clothes of Ryuk, the god of death from the manga Death Note , in which they borrow the name for the first song, where the synths blend in with background vocals, accentuating the atmosphere of suspended and off-time of the chorus. An atmosphere of space that echoes the teaser posted on Twitter by the duo on Wednesday.

NLP vogue in his saucer of spleen, the head filled with black thoughts. The brothers to see “Everything upside down” and give free rein to their misanthropy in Siberia. “I’ve seen just about four hundred facets of the human being as dark as it is”, sing-they. In Bang , this aversion to the human race turns into a disgust for themselves: “In my ship, I am feeling so alone, before my sins, I see myself so dirty behind my angel said, “You’re so dark””

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Tarik Nabil did not break for as much with the other great concern of the album, love. Often hidden behind the vulgarity, sex and drugs, this noble feeling is even more clouded by the darkness of the universe of the authors of To ammonia. In NLP, the passion is faded. Often a synonym for morbidity. In Like no other , they sing: “I write my life, p t-be before you make me quit/Without thinking too much, like when I began to love you”.

A marketing strategy a well-oiled

With this sudden release, NLP sign an umpteenth coup . many fans have bought the album Two brothers , sold over 200,000 copies, are without doubt pleased to be able to devour these four new songs. But it’s hard to not be annoying in front of this mania to add tracks to an album that already appeared. A way to sell more disks, without doubt. Last week, Nekfeu unveiled The Stars wandering: Expansion , sixteen new pieces in the addendum of his album released two weeks earlier…

It must be said that this strategy succeeds rather well to the brothers Andrieux. Very discreet in the media or on social networks, they deliver information in dribs and drabs on their projects. And this, always by creating the surprise. As the 5th of June, when they released Mowgli II, , the “suite” a song published in 2014, after several teasers, mysterious.