The essayist Sara Danius has announced on Tuesday that she was officially his chair in the Swedish Academy that awards the Nobel prize in literature, almost a year after having already resigned from his post as permanent secretary. The institution was embroiled in a scandal linked to the movement #MeToo and disclosure unofficial names of the winners.

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His resignation, as the academics, is the latest twist of a huge scandal that culminated with the one-year deferral of the announcement of the Nobel literature laureate 2018, which will therefore be awarded this year at the same time that the price 2019. “I decided to give up my chair (…) once occupied by the first woman to be elected to the academy, Selma Lagerlöf,” said Sara Danius in a press release. “It was an honor,” added the distant successor of the author of the Wonderful journey of Nils Holgersson.

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According to the Swedish newspaper Expressen , the essayist has required 13 million Swedish crowns (1.23 million euros) from the academy. After negotiations between the parties, Sara Danius hand with a severance payment of a few millions of crowns, in addition to twelve months of remuneration accepted last year.

In a statement, the organization “has estimated that there were objective reasons to terminate the secretariat of Sara Danius, in advance,” and has apologized for the role of the academician in the scandals that have rocked the Swedish Academy.

In full-motion #MeToo in 2017, the daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter has published the testimonies of 18 women accusing him of harassment and assault, the French Jean-Claude Arnault, the husband of the academician Katarina Frostenson. He had also received generous subsidies from the academy, boasted to be the “19th member” and, according to some witnesses, blew the name of the future winners of the Nobel to his friends. He was sentenced on appeal in December to two years and six months in prison for rape on two occasions of one of the signatories of the forum. He has referred to the supreme Court. The incident triggered the resignation of his wife Katarina Frostenson in January 2018 and then Sara Danius from his post of permanent secretary in April 2018.

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The scandal was brought to light the workings opaque to the academy, the rivalries between its members, the denunciation by the support of Sara Danius of the forces of “patriarchy” at work within it, and the culture of silence that protected the French.

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The Swedish Academy has since experienced a hemorrhage of members. Sara Danius had itself abandoned its prerogatives as permanent secretary in April 2018 while retaining his chair of the academics. Anders Olsson, who provides the secretariat for perpetual acting, said Tuesday that there were still three seats to be filled and that they would undoubtedly be allocated to women. “It is necessary for the balance between men and women in the academy”, he pleaded.

A short career in the Swedish Academy

Essayist and professor of literature at the university of Stockholm, Sara Danius, 56 years of age, was entered at the Academy in 2013 and became two years later the permanent secretary, the first woman in this position since the creation of the Svenska Akademien in 1786. The prestigious which has made this intellectual passionate about fashion, outfits gala outfit, the voice and the face of the academy during the announcement of the Nobel literature laureate in front of the cameras of the world between 2015 and 2017.

It will thus presided over the coronation of the Belarusian Svetlana Alexievitch, but especially that of the american singer Bob Dylan, a choice taken jauntily by Sara Danius but which had provoked strong reactions in the world of letters. In October 2017, a few weeks before the scandal, the academy had awarded the Nobel prize to the british writer Kazuo Ishiguro, who is regarded as the expression of a return to orthodoxy for a upper room heckled both in its walls and outside.

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