The war continues between the Gallagher brothers. Separated for 10 years, the members of the group Oasis will launch regular spades by media or networks interposed. Noel, the elder, is left to go to a few statements well felt in the columns of the Guardian this week.

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Although they may not be seen for a moment, they are struggling to save one another. “The last time I met Liam it was three years ago at the Etihad Stadium when Manchester City won the title. When I encounter him, he is always polite, but as you can see in his eyes that he is on the point of being pissed on,” says Noel Gallagher, who does not want to see or hear his brother. “I don’t listen to his solo albums because I can’t stand his voice, even if I hear it on the radio”, he says. According to Noel, Liam makes music “unsophisticated, for people little sophisticated, made by a type bit sophisticated. A man who gives orders little sophisticated for a bunch of songwriters that have the feel of the Oasis.” The singer estimated that, by putting his two sons, nine and eleven years old in a room for 45 minutes, they would be certainly better than the new single by Liam…

Present at the Festival of Glastonbury this year, Liam Gallagher has clearly not conquered his brother. “I said to myself that I had to see it. I had read somewhere that he was preparing something big. I think I’ve never been so embarrassed for someone in my entire life,” Noel said about the performance.

Liam Gallagher – Live at the festival of Glastonbury 2019

According to him, Liam has managed to transform the songs of Oasis into something bland. “He had the air of live the worst day of his life, walking with what looks like a pyjama for my son and shouting in the microphone about an injustice that he perceives. If you can’t sing the songs, do not play!”, a-t-he stressed.

speaking to the journalist, Tim Jonze, author of the interview, he explains that, according to him, the interviews are a risk of the trade. “These are weird situations. You’re sitting in a room with a guy from Stockholm that you’ve never met and he asks you a question about your mother. This is ridiculous, because the honest answer is, “What is the relationship with you?”. And the intelligent response is “I loved her until she gives birth to Liam”,” assured Noel.

For his part, Liam has also not spared his brother in the past. A few months ago while he was preparing the documentary As it was , tracing his career, the younger of the brothers had not appreciated that Noel refuses to use images of Oasis in the film. “I just learned that I may be sued by this little guy not so powerful and his goons in Ignition [company manager of Noel, editor’s NOTE] if I use for As it was of videos in which I sing the titles of Oasis ,” he tweeted, although of the two, this is Liam who has several times tried to reconnect the links.