Revealed on Wednesday, the track explored on Place Beauvau would consist of no longer deducting points for an excess of less than 5 km / h over the authorized speed. The fines would be kept on the other hand. This is to ensure that the person sanctioned is indeed the driver at fault and not a third party, as there are many false declarations.

For Jordan Bardella, president of the RN, “it’s Christmas before time: it’s always great, election periods”.

“We were the first in political life (…) to demand the end of the license with points, explaining that motorists were not cash cows”, he underlined to France 2.

If he is therefore in favor of such a measure, “in the automotive field, the priority is obviously the reduction of taxes on gasoline”, specified the MEP.

For the president of LR Christian Jacob also, “removing the small withdrawals of points, it is rather a good thing which goes in the right direction”. However, “we must absolutely maintain the fine, otherwise there is no longer a limit”, he noted to RTL.

But “as we are in an election period, we may have doubts about the announcements”. With President Emmanuel Macron, “we have experienced a lot of gaps” between “words and deeds”, according to him.

LREM spokeswoman Maud Bregeon tempered the statements of the Ministry of the Interior. “Nothing is recorded as we speak and this is part of a global reflection,” she told RMC.