Non-food market of St. Petersburg asks release from lease payments

the St. Petersburg businessmen are revolted by the need to pay rent for the premises and retail outlets to which they have access. Real assistance the government will provide only case that will provide deferred lease payments and their cancellation, said the businessman Yury Ragulin. He said this during the fourth of online marathon in support of small and medium entrepreneurship “to Save the business: mission (im)possible?”, which holds the IA “Rosbalt” in conjunction with the Deputy of St. Petersburg legislative Assembly Irina Ivanova.

“I Have a feeling that I live on another planet, and all these declared measures of support — they’re not for me. I have 42 of the land in nine districts of St. Petersburg, where we placed non-stationary trading objects sold ice cream, flowers, pies, coffee, vegetables. Flowers in three points we worked on our own, the rest of the stalls rented out. Only one of the companies received assistance in the form of subsidies to pay salaries to employees. A reprieve on the rent I and my colleagues do not believe for real help — from what means it then to pay? It is self-deception,” — said the businessman.

agreed With him Vladimir Menshikov, Chairman of the Board NP “Association of small enterprises of St. Petersburg”, noting that everyone is talking about the second wave of coronavirus and further economic crisis. It is obvious that entrepreneurs do not understand at what expense to pay arrears of rent within six months.

Yuri Ragulin said that now in order to get to the list of affected industries, businesses need to provide a photo – and video verification that they really do business in this industry. But this requirement only creates unnecessary problems.

“Here since March 25 I have closed the outlet with the spirits. It doesn’t work for two months and then we decide to sell her vegetables. And how in the third quarter I can provide photosIFE and video activities point in March and April, when she was still non?” — asks Ragulin.

Earlier, the “Rosbalt” wrote that St. Petersburg businessman called on the government to give businesses money for the development.

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