Home Breaking Norilsk Nickel initiates research the ecology of the Taimyr

Norilsk Nickel initiates research the ecology of the Taimyr

Norilsk Nickel initiates research the ecology of the Taimyr

the Company “Norilsk Nickel”, invited scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) to conduct a comprehensive expedition to the Taimyr Peninsula. Her goal is a large-scale study of the state of the Arctic environment and developing a new concept of industrial activity in the region.

Thus the company intends to revise the outdated principles of management in the Arctic. Work will be carried out taking into account both the experience of other countries in the extraction of resources in the polar latitudes, and domestic developments — said in a statement.

the head of the company “Norilsk Nickel” Vladimir Potanin said that the company is a leader in the development of the industry, intends to revise the existing approach to industrial ecology, based on the results of the Large Norilsk expedition. “Today we clearly understand that without a deep study of the Arctic regions and accurate scientific knowledge about them it is impossible to plan for the future. To implement large-scale plans of Arctic exploration it is important to know, which geological and biochemical processes were the result of climatic and anthropogenic changes,” — said Potanin beginning of the study.

the Duration of the expedition is 5 months, during which will be explored in the waters of the Taimyr Peninsula: the rivers and lakes. The staff of the 14 institutions of the Siberian branch (CO) RAS will review environmental changes and give their own vision of future interaction with natural objects. Such expeditions beyond the Arctic circle was not conducted for more than 20 years, and Most of the Norilsk expedition becomes the first and unique in a long time.

According to the Chairman of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Valentin Parmon, detailed study data in four main areas of research — water, bottom sediments and the atmosphere, analysis of soil condition, biodiversity, engineering and geocryological conditions — will form a complete picture of anthropogenic and natural ofchanges.

“Since the founding of the Siberian branch of its main difference were the principles of multidisciplinarity research and their close relationship with industry. Today we believe that only by uniting the competence of the leading institutes of the Siberian macro region, you can count on effective practical result, which will be really in demand by the companies operating in this region,” said Parmon.

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