According to the story of the prosecutor of Lille, Carole Etienne, a police crew wanted to check the “occupants of a vehicle with false license plates” around 3:00 a.m., in this neighboring town of Tourcoing, on the Belgian border. .

The driver of the car then started “abruptly in order to avoid it”, she explained to AFP.

“During the escape, a police officer managed to open the driver’s side door in order to extract the individual and used his weapon once. The driver of the vehicle in question, aged 23, died on the spot despite the emergency response,” she continued.

According to a police source, he was hit in the chest.

A second police source clarified that this young man lived in Roubaix and was “known for several heavy acts of narcotics and concealment”. He was to serve a six-month prison sentence following a “failure to carry out community service”, the “lock decision dating from June 2022”.

The passenger of the vehicle was placed in police custody “for concealment of vehicle theft and complicity in refusing to comply”, specified the prosecutor of Lille. “The policeman who used his weapon” is also heard “under the police custody regime”, she added.

According to the first police source, he belongs to the anti-crime brigade of Tourcoing.

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The investigations were entrusted “to the Zonal Directorate of the Judicial Police and to the IGPN” – the “police of the police” – to “delimit very exactly the circumstances of the commission of the facts”, underlined the prosecutor.

The town of Neuville-en-Ferrain is an area “with a lot of passages for all types of traffic”, according to Arnaud Boutelier, of the Alliance union.

“Another man killed for refusing to comply. The death sentence for hit and run is becoming commonplace in our country. And this time right in the constituency of the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, who no longer has control nothing”, castigated on Twitter the rebellious deputy of the 8th district of the North, including Roubaix, David Guiraud.

Asked by AFP, the entourage of the Minister of the Interior did not wish to comment on this tweet or the substance of the case.

“Another policeman injured for

Out of 14,240 refusals to comply recorded in 2021 by the national police, 157 cases concern “use of firearms on moving vehicles”, according to police figures.

In mid-August, in Vénissieux, a sensitive town near Lyon, police fired several times when checking a car reported stolen, killing two people. The IGPN has opened an investigation.

At the end of June, the “police of the police” had also been seized after a police check which had gone wrong in Carcassonne. A man who hit a police officer while trying to flee a control at the wheel of a car was seriously injured by a gun.

A few weeks earlier, police had fired on a vehicle in Paris, killing one of the passengers. The driver was then indicted for attempted murder of a person holding public authority and repeated aggravated refusal to comply.