The Prime Minister, accompanied by the Minister of Education Pap Ndiaye, visited Thursday morning the Gabrielle-Marie Scellier college in Airaines, about thirty kilometers from Amiens.

“Are you okay, not too stressed?” she asked the students of a sixth grade class. One of them explains that from now on, he will have classes on Wednesday mornings. “It’s nice, isn’t it?” Teases the Prime Minister.

When asked, Pap Ndiaye explains to the students his role as Minister of National Education. And Ms. Borne added: “When you are Prime Minister, you make sure that the ministers work well together. And when there are some who do not agree, there is one who decides, it is Prime Minister.”

After a visit of about an hour – two classes and different workshops -, Ms. Borne had lunch in the establishment with the teaching teams. Also present were the deputies of the Somme François Ruffin (LFI) and Emmanuel Maquet (LR), the senator Laurent Somon (LR) and the mayor of Airaines Albert Noblesse.

Before this lunch, Mr. Ruffin challenged Mr. Ndiaye on the issue of accompanying students with disabilities (AESH), for whom he asks “the passage above the Smic”.

In the Somme, “in five years of Blanquer-Macron mandate, there has been the equivalent of one more college in number of students – 600 more students – and the equivalent of one less college in number of teachers”, also denounced the deputy Insoumis.

“Education is one of the main priorities of the five-year term. There will be consultations on many subjects, on the attractiveness of the teaching profession, on the revaluation of this profession, the fact of giving more margins of maneuver to the educational teams”, for her part declared Ms. Borne to the press.

“Thanks to the work that is being carried out by the Minister (of Education) and all his teams, I think we can say that today we have a return to school that is going well,” she also wanted. to reassure.

To overcome the shortage of teachers, the National Education has recruited contract teachers – 3,000 according to Pap Ndiaye – trained in a few days before finding themselves facing a class.

“0.3% of the total number of teachers are new contract workers. It is not easy, of course, to enter the profession when you have a few days of training and little experience. But it is a remark that can be extended to all teachers, including tenured teachers, who are starting their return to school”, argued the minister.

Ms. Borne then completed her visit to the Edmond-Rostand elementary school in Amiens, classified REP, this time accompanied by the Secretary of State for Youth Sarah El Haïry.