When, on the 25th of December 2015, the series Downton Abbey has bowed out at the end of its sixth season, fans disconsolate thought of having to say goodbye forever to the family Crawley, to its employees and to their beautiful house. But on 13 July, a big announcement of the producers is coming to put an end to their sentence: a movie with the characters of the series was in course of preparation. Since then, more information has filtered out on the reunion to come with the inhabitants of the venerable English manor house. A first trailer, inviting us to “kindly return to Downton Abbey” has been unveiled on the 14th of December on the Twitter account of the series.

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If this short film does not reveal much of the plot, he managed to bring the water to the mouth, plunging fans of the series in its atmosphere of old-fashioned. The trailer opens with a shot of the castle of Crawley, immersed in the dark in the early morning. The light rises abruptly when the servants draw the curtains , and then take off the sheets protecting the furniture. Obviously, the house comes out of a long sleep.

In the castle that comes to life again, the iconic hand bells used by the master of the house to call their employees moving around. Mysterious guests arriving by car, under the liesses of a compact crowd, up to the front porch, where the waiting staff in full. Unless they’re members of the family Crawley dressed in black… A mysterious biker wearing a dark coat and a head covering, comes, up the main aisle in the direction of the castle. And while the sun climbs in the sky, Dowtown Abbey reveals, still as majestic.

most of the characters from the series will be present in the film

The trailer also reveals a list of the main characters of the upcoming film: the master and the mistress of the house, Lord Grantham, played by Hugh Bonneville, and Lady Grantham (Elizabeth McGovern), are back. Their daughters, Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) and Lady Edith (Laura Carmichael), who changed their family names since their marriage respective. The fabulous countess dowager, Lady Grantham (Maggie Smith) is also part of the experience, for our greatest happiness.

Next to the domestic, one can find the butler Mr Carson (Jim Carter) and the matron Mrs Hughes, also recently married, as well as John and Anna Bates (Brendan Coyle and Joanne Froggatt), certainly the couple the most endearing of the series. Finally, the only character notable whose name does not appear in this trailer is Pink Lady Aldrigde, which was embodied in the series by Lily James. As to the plot of this feature film directed by Brian Percival and Michael Engler, it will take place a few months after the end of the series, which ended in 1926.

the title of The film, whose filming ended in late November, is not yet known, but we already know that it will be in theatres on September 25, 2019. We are eager to discover how the heroes of the series are going to adapt to changing economic and social implications of the end of the roaring twenties, a time of decline in the power of the british aristocracy.