The cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris has been ravaged by a fire on Monday 15 April. Until late in the night, the firefighters tried to contain the fire, which has swept away the medieval frame and the arrow, built by Viollet-le-Duc in the Nineteenth century. The images of the flames quickly made the rounds of the media around the world, and have sparked many reactions of shock and sadness. There are many of those to pay tribute to the historical monument the most visited in Europe, the symbol of France and Paris.

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For the director-general of Unesco Audrey Azoulay , “Our Lady speaks to all the world.” “It is for this reason that such an emotion we hugged, all of them. Paris is symbolic, and Notre-Dame is the heart of Paris. It is for this reason that it is listed on the world heritage list”, has she explained, stating that Unesco would mobilize for the safeguarding of the cathedral.

At the microphone of France Info, the former minister of Culture Jack Lang has written of his abysmal evening. He discovered the extent of the disaster “on the terrace of the Institute of the arab world, from which we admire every day the eastern facade of the cathedral. And see get eaten by the flames that terrorized us.” It also shows that his “dread mixed with hope.” “If you put the means, we can resurrect what has been destroyed,” he continued.

On France Inter, the architect Christian de Portzamparc considers the disaster that resonates as “an amputation of the town”. Noting the impulses of solidarity and the emotion of all, he “understands how the space and the beauty of the architecture and may act in all our lives”. “This reveals again that the invention of the gothic architecture was wonderful, the art of conquering the height to get the light as high as possible,” he continues. There is one faith, and that of beauty. The visitors emerged from the cathedral moved and changed.”

From Houston, Texas, an astronaut Thomas Pesquet has just tweeted a photo, taken during his stay on the international space station. You can see Paris seen from the sky, and guess Notre Dame is still intact in the center of the photo. “Even if I only saw her from afar, and without really paying attention to it, my heart is split by many of history, heritage, and beauty gone up in smoke,” he wrote.

On Twitter always, Bernard Henri-Lévy tribute to the cathedral, in a text with a photo of the collapse of the arrow. For him, “Notre-Dame, it is the France of the Resistance and the Europe of the literature. It is the holiness gothic and the sweetness of the Seine. The faith and beauty. Aragon and Hugo.”

Bernard Pivot. , president of the Academy Goncourt, has also mourned the disappearance of the historical treasures of the cathedral. “We would like that all our tears form a heavy rain, a storm of anger and piety, who, of a sudden, would stop the fire of Our Lady!”, a-t-he writes.

On France Inter, the writer Sylvain Tesson testified to her sadness. “I see Our Lady every day, and now I do not see more than a hole in the landscape”, he explains. He said that thirty years ago, it was “fun to climb a hundred times the spire of the cathedral”. After having been the victim of a serious accident, the author testifies to have found the strength thanks to the monument. “I had the permission to climb the towers on a daily basis and I climbed the 450 steps everyday for my rehabilitation. I felt that it was a resurrection for me, both physical, moral and spiritual.”

On Twitter, american actress Alyssa Milano has written in French: “My heart goes out in France.” The british director Edgar Wright has deemed it “heartbreaking and frankly surreal” the fire of the cathedral. “But I know that Paris is safe and recovers, he completed. My love to all those, in France, affected by this event.”

On Instagram, Marion Cotillard has confessed to being “overwhelmed by sadness.” “Paris my love. Paris to the land of my grief. Our wonderful Lady. I cry in your splendor,” she added. Author of the bestseller the Pillars of the Earth , takes place in medieval England during the construction of a cathedral, the Welsh Ken Follett was modestly written: “French, French, we share your sadness.”

The actor Omar Sy has shared his emotion with a émoji of a broken heart and a few pictures of the frame and the arrow blazing.

seeing the flames, the cellist Gautier Capuçon had tweeted yesterday evening: “What a tragedy, how sad and desolate”. He came to play this morning of his instrument in front of the cathedral, in a moving tribute.

“coming back on stage, I am allowed to mention the drama of Our Lady, writes Fabrice Luchini shortly before midnight. And the text of Charles Péguy and his passion christian we have been plunged into a communion in which I could measure not the power.” The actor has also affirmed its “solidarity absolute with the firefighters”.

The messages of support to the soldiers of the fire have also increased in the evening and at night. “Courage, dedication, efficiency: the Firefighters of Paris, the guardians of our lives and our cities, wrote the actor Pierre Niney . To be followed closely… what craft crazy!”

After having spent the night after the intervention forces, the minister of Culture, Frank Rieste r has welcomed this morning on France Inter, “the courage of the firefighters of Paris”, in particular for their role in the safeguarding of the works of Notre-Dame de Paris, and the risks taken to contain the fire.

Several artists have also reacted to the fire of the building in their own way: by drawing. One of those who are experiencing the most success on social networks is the Quasimodo of Victor Hugo, revised by Disney, embracing a frontage miniature of the cathedral. We owe it to the artist, ecuadorian Cristina Correa Freile .

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The designer Plantu has also published a graphic tribute to Our Lady.