Novikov was sorry that he had not sold the restaurants to pandemic

the Owner of one of Russia’s largest restaurant chains Arkady Novikov said that because of the coronavirus, the country is experiencing not a crisis but “an emergency”.

According to him, he was in such a difficult position for the first time in almost 30 years of entrepreneurial activities.

Novikov admitted that he could sell all his restaurants, if I knew in advance about the impending disaster.

“It’s not a crisis, it’s an emergency. If it was a crisis, I would not have even thought about it,” he said in the framework of the project of the Yeltsin centre “Samopisnye”.

More than just a restaurateur concerned about, not because its institutions are closed for two months, and that the conditions in which to work after the lifting of the quarantine.

“For those requirements that are prescribed by the CPS, it is easier to not even open,” — said Novikov.

for occupancy restaurant in 25%, in his opinion, it will be impossible to maintain a full menu and staff, as well as to negotiate with landlords.

Novikov said that he didn’t expect help from the state, and the only possible option now “survival” in the form of a delivery do not take seriously.

“shipping is complete garbage. I’m a restaurateur, I want to feed people in the restaurant, not delivery. Yes, we are trying to do something, or to organize the work, but that’s not what I wanted”, he concluded.

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