“I’m really counting on EDF to ensure its restart program in the coming weeks, in the coming months, and that would save us from having to restart a coal-fired power plant,” said the head of government on France Inter.

Only 24 of the 56 reactors in EDF’s nuclear fleet are currently in service, the others being shut down for scheduled maintenance operations or due to corrosion problems that were not foreseen.

Elisabeth Borne also indicated that she was counting on the French and companies to save energy consumption so as not to have to resort to rotating power cuts by neighborhoods, called load shedding.

The Prime Minister responded to criticism Monday from the outgoing CEO of EDF Jean-Bernard Lévy on the lack of anticipation of the government to train competent personnel in the nuclear sector.

“We have not deviated, since 2017 we have been asking EDF to implement its heavy maintenance program, to recruit skills,” said Ms. Borne.

“It is not because we closed two reactors (in Fessenheim, editor’s note) following decisions taken under Mr. Hollande’s five-year term, that we did not assure EDF that we should continue to produce electricity. nuclear energy,” she added.

“In the meantime, we have noted that we are going to build new reactors, but on the existing fleet, it is very clear, there has never been any ambiguity. Obviously, this fleet must be extended, operations must be ensured. necessary maintenance and recruit”, hammered the head of government.

Élisabeth Borne finally confirmed that the recruitment of the new boss of EDF was “being finalized”, without giving a date for an announcement. This change of head comes at a time when the State has initiated the 100% renationalization of the group.