Nutritionist called

Nutritionist-nutritionist Elizabeth hospital Olga Kondratenko told me how berry is able to help in the fight against aging, certain diseases and even improve your mood. In conversation with the correspondent of “Rosbalt” she called cherry berry youth and noted that the useful properties are determined mainly antioxidant effect, ie protects the body from harmful environmental influences.

“Cherry prevents aging, I would call it a berry of youth. This occurs including at the expense of such microelements as zinc and copper. They are involved in the synthesis of collagen, which is lost with age,” said Kondratenko.

She added that the berry helps in the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, lowers the level of uric acid in the plasma, which solves problems with joints.

“Reduced blood pressure. Besides it is a known adaptogen, increasing the body’s resistance to harmful influences. When you eat cherries, decreases the level of stress, improves mood, calming effect,” said the nutritionist.

In her words, in 100 grams of berries contains 60 calories — from carbohydrates, so it is worth considering for those who count the energy value of eaten.

“However, the cherries will fit while Express diets when you need to give yourself a few days to a form. Consume it in fasting days. This berry gives a high-level saturable and involved in the detoxication due to the active fiber,” said Kondratenko.

According to her, to enjoy cherries is in the first half and not on a full stomach, otherwise there is a risk of the effect of fermentation, distension, discomfort. Possible diarrhea from overeating.

“Of contraindications, I would call the gastro-intestinal tract. Should not be used for ulcers, gastritis in the active phase, with high acidity, diabetes», — concluded the nutritionist.

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