Nobel Prize of literature in 1993 (the first awarded to a writer black), Pulitzer prize for Beloved in 1988, the american author Toni Morrison died in New York on Monday. At the announcement of his disappearance, writers, intellectuals, and policies have multiplied the testimonies and tributes to this author who had placed the black cause at the heart of his work.

In a press statement, the Elysée demonstrates his deep respect for all the work of the writer “held by a great need for poetry, moral and political”. The message continues admiring “a powerful voice, committed, precious, who will miss the United States and the world.” The president of the Republic Emmanuel Macron “expresses its condolences to his family, his relatives and his fellow countrymen, as well as the many French who have loved and played with passion.”

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The former president of the United States Barack Obama has hailed a “national treasure, as good a storyteller, as captivating as a person as it was in his work.” “Her writing was a challenge beautiful and full of meaning for our moral conscience and our imagination. What a gift to have been able to breathe the same air as she, if only for a moment”, he added.

Bill Clinton thanked a “human being world class” that has “awakened our souls and challenged our consciences to confront the injustice, large or small, wherever it exists”.