A youtubeur anonymous, efficient, and prudent

It is done to call Ben. The videographer who manages the YouTube account CopyComic concerned about the world of stand-up since 2017, when he published overwhelming montages where skits famous comedians French fall under plagiarism. Gad Elmaleh, Michaël Youn, Roland Magdane, Michel Leeb, Rémi Gaillard, Walter, the actor Tomer Sisley, the presenter Arthur have been pinned. The list is long and the avenger of the joke is said to have other files ready to be unveiled. In his video, Ben puts them face-to-face, the sketch of the comic to the origin of a valve and the sketch of the one that takes the text, the facial expressions, or movement – if not all three at once. The videographer seems prudent, not accusing, not of plagiarism, but preferring the expression of the “curious similarities”. So far, his motives are not in doubt.

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● Kheiron and Baptiste Lecaplain accused by Sandra Sisley

Some of the victims of CopyComic set out to find who is hiding behind these virulent videos. Sandra Sisley, for example, whose husband Tomer Sisley, pinned in 2017, seems to be highly inspired by american comic such as Nick Swardson, and Jeff Dunham. Sunday, she explained that she had “identified” the culprit. Former columnist of the show Key not at my post!, at the head of a communications agency, Sandra Sisley has accused Kheiron and Baptiste Lecaplain to be the authors of the videos. What they have denied the next day, without to hide their sympathies for the action of the YouTubeur.

● Kheiron, informer CopyComic

The stand up comedian of iranian origin said Monday, have helped the user in its harvest of information and posted on Twitter a plea in favour of CopyComic, inviting them to “pay homage” to the “whistleblower” who manages the YouTube account. “He has made righteousness to us, authors, but especially to you, the public,” he said. This same CopyComic had published a montage where we saw Malik Benthala do skits very similar to those of Kheiron. CopyComic has ensured in the wake to be neither Kheiron or Baptiste Lecaplain, make fun of what Sandra Sisley says to have seen “evidence” that his trusted friends have. Case to follow.

● “fifty comedians known” accomplices of the youtubeur

Kheiron would not be the only one to give information to the vindicator. The raven YouTube has entrusted to you on Monday “exchanges with over fifty clubs known” that support its action and allows him to have information. A large part of the scene of the stand-up French would participate, therefore, in this hunt to plagiaires. A hypothesis, which corroborates the rumors that circulate in the corridors of the theatres, according to which only figures in the middle are to have been able to unmask the thieves of jokes.

● Gad Elmaleh, genius or thief?

The favorite target of the démasqueur of plagiarism is Gad Elmaleh. He was pinned for the first time in 2017 and then, a year and a half later, in February 2019 a few days before the comic gets a Globe of honor for his career during Crystal Globes. Ben’s analysis of the similarities more or less strong between its valves and those of Dany Boon, Dieudonné, Pido, the algerian Fellag, the canadian Patrick Huard, Martin Matte, or the americans, George Carlin, Steven Wright. If some could be related to chance, others look like pure plagiarism.

Blackface Darling, his character is a fetish, and without giving any real justification, Gad Elmaleh recalled in February 2019 that he had behind him “twenty-five years of his career”. The comedian of moroccan origin refuses to accept the idea that a joke has a creator own, preferring to speak of the common inspirations that serve as “points of departure”. The youtubeur anonymous has detailed the technique that, according to him, Gad Elmaleh uses: it does certainly not sketches as such but the “improves, adds details, reverse things up a bit”. Thus, the “dressing is changed, but the essence is still there”. The Brothel Comedy Club, concert hall of Montreal, agreed to his opinion and has closed its doors to Gad Elmaleh.

● Gad Elmaleh against Twitter

Furious at the videos YouTubeur ghost, Gad Elmaleh sent in February of this year, lawyers sommer the social network Twitter, which served as a relay to disseminate the videos, delete the tweets in question and give the identity and the contact details of the videographer. Its argument? The videos would reach “neighboring rights,” which allow artists may negotiate a compensation in exchange for permission to broadcast. A notion of intellectual property that has not convinced Twitter . The social network has given them reason the videographer anonymous. A failure to Gad Elmaleh, who is finally passed, the eyes of the public, for a man seeking to erase the evidence.