Of Norilsk Nickel stocks continue to fall amid a state of emergency spill of fuel

Shares of Norilsk Nickel during the morning trading on the Moscow stock exchange continues to lose value against the background of the accident with the oil spill in Norilsk.

as of 10:35 Moscow time the value of securities fell by 4.92% to 21 thousand rubles apiece. Moreover, the company’s shares were the leaders of decrease on the Moscow stock exchange, RBC reports.

on the Eve of the action “Norilsk Nickel” traded stocks on the background of the accident in Norilsk, today the downward trend in prices could continue, says the analyst of “ALOR Broker” Alexey Antonov.

Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting declared a state of emergency in Krasnoyarsk region after the accident, which led to the spill of about 20 thousand tons of oil products. The incident occurred at one of the facilities of Norilsk Nickel.

Later, the Prosecutor General’s office announced the arrest of the first suspect in the criminal case earlier initiated in connection with the spill of more than fifteen thousand tons of oil products on the territory of JSC “Norilsk-Taimyr energy company” (part of “Norilsk Nickel”). According to the chief of the Supervisory Department, detained the chief boiler-turbine shop CHP-3 of JSC “NTEK”. Proceedings were instituted under three articles UK — about the corruption of the earth, violating the rules of nature protection and water pollution.

According to investigators, the afternoon of 29 may in Norilsk at about 17 thousand tons of diesel fuel spilled on the haul road to the CHPP-3, which operates JSC “Norilsk-Taimyr energy company”. Oil infiltrated the ground and fell into the river Orb, which flows near one of the areas of the Norilsk — Kayerkan with, as well as in lake and river Pacino flowing into the Kara sea.

the amount of damage not yet determined, but, according to local authorities, could reach one billion rubles.

Later it became known that the area of the oil spill after the accident at the power plant “Norilsk Nickel” in Norilsk amounted to 180 thousand sq. m Takuth assessment of pollution given by representatives of Prosecutor’s office of Krasnoyarsk Krai with the participation of specialists.

According to the press service of the Krasnoyarsk Central Directorate of Ministry of emergency situations, from spilled fuel already pumped out more than 100 tons of oil products. To monitor the situation brought aviation.

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