Of the trains you want to drive peddlers and musicians

In trains may ban the trade in dressing and appearance of the musicians. These are the recommendations of the Federal service for the railway in terms of coronavirus.

a ban on the trade and music in trains will run during the output mode of the “coronavirus” restrictions. Then trade can be resumed. The CPS also advises not to let train passengers in dirty clothes and do not follow the rules of hygiene. Trains treat with antiseptics recommended, paying particular attention to handles, seats and Windows of cars.

as for the trains, all passengers will be twice a day to measure the temperature. Cars recommended to clean at least twice a day and toilets four times, not only floors but also walls to a height of five feet. If any of the passengers of the symptoms of SARS, then the cleaning wagon will need to carry out twice as often. Measure the temperature should be themselves and the train crew.

Wagons-restaurants recommended to minimize food preparation on the site and to withdraw from the sale of alcohol, if the trade is takeaway only. Before meals to passengers should offer antiseptic for the treatment of hands.

If the train is an organized group of children, they will measure the temperature before boarding the train and twice a day on the road. To walk from car to car to children banned. If the child has a fever, it is isolated in a separate compartment or on a separate place and then will have to call an ambulance to the nearest station stop. In case of sharp deterioration of health of the child, the train should stop at the nearest station outside and wait for the ambulance, where the doctors decide on hospitalization or further travel of the child.

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