Officially published popular bill to return direct election of the middle Urals

Official press organ of the Middle Urals — “the Regional newspaper” published initiated by citizens, the bill on the return of direct elections of heads of municipalities of the region, including the mayor of Yekaterinburg.

the Citizens want to return the election procedure on the basis of universal, equal and direct suffrage by secret ballot. As explained by the Director of the Ural Institute of regional legislation Nikolai Voronin, prior to submitting this document to the Parliament of the region concerned citizens must fulfill a number of requirements. In particular, before September 11, need to collect at least 10 thousand signatures of citizens who support this initiative. Then petitions will be checked and only then the initiative will be registered in the legislative Assembly of the region.

However, even with these conditions, the document will be held and other bureaucratic checks: prosecutors, General Directorate of the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation for Sverdlovsk region, and a number of other legal structures. Further, it will be considered at the meeting of the relevant Committee of the legislative Assembly and only after that will be considered in three readings in Parliament.