Officials were missing billion hectares of Russian forests

In public databases for forest resources is not taken into account more than 84% of the forest Fund of Russia. “No reliable information” about the state forest Fund on the area of 967 million hectares, the report of the accounting chamber on the results of audits of expenditure on forest management in the country.

At the same time there is no uniform information base on the use of forest resources, there is no information about the volume of procurement, turnover and exports of timber in the country, and the remoteness 84.4% of materials more than 10 years. As noted in the report, especially the issue relevant to the subjects of the Siberian and far Eastern Federal districts.

So, almost half of the illegally cut woods in 2018 were recorded on the territory of Irkutsk region — 0.6 million cubic meters with damage 4.4 billion. Risks of illegal logging is that the current legislation there is no requirement, according to which the object of the lease in order to harvest timber may be only forest land, for which there were relevant materials on the forest management, said the chamber.

According to the Department for updating the information on forests in full will be required from 14.5 bn to 83.2 billion rubles.

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