may 23 on the YouTube channel “Rosbalt. News” published the next issue of the weekly news wrap-up program “Oh!Five! Rosbalt”, in which reporters present their assessment of the most interesting events this week. Correspondents in Moscow and St. Petersburg are working on this project every Saturday morning to offer viewers an original look at five events or processes from the life of the planet, which can have significant consequences.

See the release of the program “Oh!Five! Rosbalt”: why Putin intervened in the situation around the epidemic of coronavirus in Dagestan; why Mishustin on hand criticism by the President of the government of payments to physicians; of which in Russia is not decreasing the number of critically ill patients with coronavirus; what will the introduction of criminal liability for employers for the “grey” salary in any amount; what to expect from the “new normality” after the weakening of the pandemic to the business and its customers.

Daily text versions of the outcome of the day, read under the heading “Epilogue” on the Agency’s website.

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