Okhlobystin: the whole environment of the Ephraim — drinking

Actor Ivan Okhlobystin going through a difficult situation with road accident, staged by Mikhail Efremov. He told about it in interview the Internet-resource “StarHit”.

According to Okhlobystin, it all happened “according to ordinary human carelessness”. However, the actor stressed that does not justify Ephraim in all his human virtues: “you can’t sit down drunk behind the wheel.”

“I Can say that Ephraim current environment all drinking — with a few exceptions. But the closest people, for example, he didn’t drink. To which I refer, and myself,” said Okhlobystin, explaining that the entourage actor doesn’t drink.

“But with regard to theater, those people whom we don’t know, newfound friends, they were treated to. Yes, the whole country is treated,” said Okhlobystin.

he Also said that Efremov is a deeply conscientious person and responsible person, despite of many shortcomings. Today he is his own worst judge.

“the Paradox is that now all condemn Michael, what do want to see — cheerful, sprightly, drunken opposition, a bully. He loved the country. But as soon as disaster struck, it was a positive factor has become negative,” — said ohlobystin, adding that they will cease to support Ephraim, whom he considers a family man.

Recall that on 8 June 2020 in an alcohol intoxication Mikhail Efremov was the culprit, due to which the received traumas has died the driver of the second car Sergey Zakharov. The actor faces up to 12 years of imprisonment, he is under house arrest.

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