Okhlobystin urged to leave alone the ex-wife of Michael Ephraim

Actor Ivan Okhlobystin has addressed to journalists with the request to stop taking comments from the ex-wife of Michael Efremova — last of the famous actress Ksenia Kachalina — for “cause of the fatal accident”.

As recalled by the party Kachalina is experiencing health problems and is in a difficult situation.

“She’s good, though, and deeply sick man, she is a woman, in the end, after the “landing” Misha it will remain without means of existence, its own daughter wants to surrender in a madhouse. Is this a hell of a lot of creates in your heart a modicum of mercy?!”, — posted by Okhlobystin in his “Vkontakte”.

Previously, the daughter Ksenia Kachalina and Michael Efremova Anna Maria said on television that her mother has serious problems with alcohol and can’t cope with the addiction. The girl hasn’t lived with matter, helping the woman’s ex-husband.

After the accident, which 8 Jun made a drunken Mikhail Efremov, journalists are trying to take the comments of all the relatives of the actor, including Catalinas.

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