The activist of Human rights Nikolay Shchur has made public a letter of Oleg Sentsov, dated as of October 29. “I feel better than a month ago, much better. The analysis, of course, are not excellent, but not catastrophic either, as before. The infusions are stopped at the end of last week. Now, I take pills. So don’t worry too much there, I survived,” wrote the film director imprisoned by the Russian authorities.

“Don’t worry too much there, I survived”

Oleg Sentsov, filmmaker, Ukrainian

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According to Valery Maksimenko, deputy director of the prison Service Russian, overseeing the organization of medical assistance to convicts, the filmmaker will be launched in the creation of a piece of theatre. A drama dedicated to family relationships, ” he says.

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“The theme chosen by Sentsov is without any doubt very relevant, because it affects the moments of the life of each person. It maintains active contacts with the people of art from around the world, discussing with them the possibility of its staging,” says Valery Maksimenko.

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Oleg Sentsov, who was sentenced in 2015 by a Russian court to 20 years in prison for terrorism, had started in may on a hunger strike to demand the release of all political prisoners the Ukrainian prisoners in Russia. At the beginning of October, after 140 days and a degradation alarming state of health, the filmmaker has stopped his hunger strike. A week and a half after the decision of Oleg Sentsov, his cousin Natalia Kaplan gave an account of a “critical situation” of the health of the director.