Ombudsman: the State will require a tougher sentence Karelian historian Yuri Dmitriev

the Prosecution will appeal the sentence to the leader of the Karelian “Memorial”, historian and researcher of Stalin’s repressions Yuri Dmitriev. About this “Interfax” said the Commissioner for children’s rights in the Republic of Karelia Gennady Saraev.

At the end of the conversation with the prosecutors Barns said that the court-appointed deadline “below the bottom”, because the sentence “does not match any common sense”.

prosecutors have not yet announced a decision on the appeal. Similarly, the defense has not yet decided whether to appeal the verdict.

yesterday, the court in Petrozavodsk recognized Yury Dmitriev guilty of violent acts of a sexual nature in respect of adopted daughter, and sentenced to 3 and a half years in prison. It was reported that the court took into account mitigating circumstances. It is also known that Dmitriev was acquitted on counts of indecent assault, the production of pornography and illegal possession of weapons.

the Details of the process media does not have as the case was heard behind closed doors.

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