Omsk taxi driver raped a passenger, and then drove her home

In Omsk 36-year-old taxi driver raped a 21-year-old passenger. As reported by investigative authorities of SK of Russia in the region, the girl was returning home from the hospital and decided to catch the car.

She saw in the street a taxi, sat in the car and said the address. However, the car driver took the girl to the ring road, where some abandoned building, raped, and took her gold ring. He then drove the girl home.

the Victim immediately made a statement to the police, the man was detained. At first he denied his guilt, explaining that “everything was consensual”. In this case, he invited the militiamen to be tested on “lie detector”, but the polygraph showed that the suspect is lying. The taxi driver had to confess to the crime.

At the present time the question of the direction of materials of criminal case to court.

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