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On MDC-2 opened a new station — Kur’yanovo

On MDC-2 opened a new station — Kur'yanovo

In the South-East of Moscow on Monday afternoon we launched a new station WDC-2 Nahabino — Podolsk Kur’yanovo.

New stop point is located between the stations moskvoreche and Pererva Kursk direction of the Moscow railway.

As reported in a press-service MZHD, the new stop point includes a platform with a canopy the full length of the tunnel with two entrance halls and above-ground pedestrian crossing over the railroad tracks.

it is Noted that the new station will also be convenient for people living in the area of Kur’yanovo and Marino.

Earlier in the IDC-2 was “Ostafyevo” in the Kursk direction, “Volokolamskaya” and “Penyagino” — in Riga.

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