On red square the police detained the activists who pushed their bodies the number

In the center of Moscow activists have staged a protest against the amendments to the Constitution, one of which theoretically allows Vladimir Putin to remain in power until 2036. The powers of the President expire in 2024, with the current Constitution, the right to run after two consecutive terms there, but in the new version of the Constitution, for or against whom the vote today residents of the country for the head of state provided an opportunity to “reset”.

On the cobblestones of red square had settled down and laid their bodies “2036” year eight of the protesters, reports “Rain”. The protesters, among whom were the Deputy municipal Lucy Stein and two people entering in Pussy Riot, was taken to the police.

Video of the action “2036”

Rain / Maria Borzunova pic.twitter.com/9NScIQhzue

— Rain (@tvrain) July 1, 2020

As reported, Vladimir Putin took part in the vote on the Constitution.

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