On sent under house arrest of the actor Ephraim will wear an electronic bracelet

Security actor Mikhail Yefremov staged a drunken accident in Central Moscow, which killed people, is not going to challenge the court decision on house arrest. It is reported TASS citing a source close to the investigation authorities. According to him, the artist agrees with this measure.

As reported the Agency “Moscow” the head a press-services of management FSIN across the capital Sergei Tsygankov, the observance of Ephraim house arrest will be monitored through an electronic bracelet.

Conditions of house arrest are prohibitions on leaving the house to use the phone, Internet, communicating with journalists and other persons, except close relatives, lawyers and investigators.

the Court on the eve of Ephraim sent under house arrest until August 9.

the accident occurred on the evening of June 8 at the house 3, Smolenskaya square. The actor in his car in the opposite lane crashed into a van delivery service. The van driver the next day died in a medical facility.

Examination showed that the actor at the time of the accident was drunk.

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