#Albumgratospourlesvatos. It is with this rhyme rich, hashtag, and a video on Instagram that the rapper Jul has unleashed the crowds. Or, rather, its fans and all lovers of Auto-Tune. The reason for this? A new album is totally free, available the 1st march next.

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see you the 1st of march #Albumgratos #Jaipasletempbwodi

A publication that is shared by Jul D&P Official (@juldetp) on 8 Feb. 2019 at 8 :07 am PST

Renowned for his generosity towards his fans, the Marseillais had first shared a brand new song, I understand Señorita , on his YouTube channel, on 14 January last, the day of his 29 years. Before making this announcement.

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An album only available in streaming

one of the “bosses” of the “rap game” in French, this is not the first time that the rapper released a free album. In 2015 already, Jul created the surprise with Album free , available only on the platforms of streaming such as Spotify, Apple, Music, or Deezer (where he reigns supreme). Strong of its success, he had repeated the experience every year except 2018. As for apologizing, he had added 20 new titles to his album The area in person .

And if some of the users to pay a monthly subscription to enjoy, among other things, its music, the other will benefit from the “free of charge”. Indeed, behind this new move com’ lecture, “the Ufo” will still be paid for through advertising generated on these platforms.