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Vote for the best image and name for a chat bot of the Moscow subway will run until July 23. Muscovites have offered more than 400 variants of names.

As explained in the press service of the Metropolitan diptrans, images was developed by the designers, but the names of them suggested that members of social networks of the underground. The inhabitants of the capital will have three weeks to decide who should be the chat-bot: a female attendant, a male Manager, or a robot, an Android.

After that, they have to choose a name. A call center may be named Alexandra, Maya or Masha Moskvina, a male Transportan, Roman, Evgeniy Sergeyevich. For the robot selected the names of Transportat, Passageiros, Mobot.

the press service of the Metropolitan said that at first wanted to offer the citizens to select only the image. However, after users have sent more than 400 variants of names in the subway decided that Muscovites have to decide for yourself.

Chat-bot promises to be one of the most technologically advanced among the existing chat-bots transport companies in the world. He will answer questions about metro, ICC, IDC, to help look for forgotten things. He can joke and be updated with the latest trends and memes of social networks, and if necessary can connect to the conversation of the operator.

the Bot will be available on the website mosmetro.ru in the mobile application “Metro of Moscow” in popular instant messengers. Test will begin soon.

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