On the Amur plant the

Staged a mutiny builders of the Amur gas processing plant of Gazprom, which is the link of the technological chain of gas supplies to China through the pipeline “Power of Siberia”.

according to “Siberian news service”, the builders of the plant in Free in uniform with the inscription Renaissance staged a pogrom in industrial building due to the delay of wages. On the other videos visible signs of damage. Also there are records of eyewitnesses about how on the building site work special forces.

the press service of the plant said that the riot occurred because “the financial claims of a number of employees to the management contractor” — the company-the contractor “Renaissance Heavy industries”. It is noted that fixed the damage at the site, and the participants of the riot were detained.

Earlier at this site there was an outbreak of the coronavirus and workers complained that their employer did not take measures to prevent the spread of infection.

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