On the background of increased activity of snakes experts tell how to avoid unpleasant consequences from a meeting with the creeper

In some regions, the increased activity of snakes. The tourists found in the forests of the Tuapse district of the huge serpents crawling through the trees. The pictures quickly spread on local social networks and not a little excited users.

according to the southern Times, a six-foot snake seen in the forest near the rock of Kiselyov. According to the chief of Department on Affairs GO and CHS in Tuapse district Igor Urbanavichus, the photos are not yet able to identify these species. The publication notes that in this area there are glass-lizard and Copperhead, snakes, rare sight of the vipers.

This summer, a snake in the woods near Tuapse especially active, but most of it is not dangerous, adds media.

In turn, senior researcher of laboratory of field research Museum. E. D. felitsyna (Krasnodar, Russia) Andrei Chushkin hastened to reassure all panicked: large snakes that live on the territory of Krasnodar region, are not poisonous. According to Herpetology, risk only vipers, but in the Kuban region there has never been a Viper longer than 70 cm. “as for the Tuapse district, there really are found two-meter snake. At the low-quality photos on Instagram is impossible to determine the species of snake, but I suspect that it is either aesculapian snake, or Sarmatian (of Pallas) snake. This is a rather large reptiles that belong to the tree-climbing runners. Not a problem for them to climb on a tree or Bush,” — said the expert. Chushkin added that according to world statistics, for adult humans only non-venomous snakes longer than 4 meters. “If you met on your way a “Anaconda”, and no need to be afraid of. She will not eat! Calmly turn around and pass by. Man is not the object of hunting for the runners. They feed on bird eggs or lizards. Of course, if you try to catch it or accidentally step on it, the snake will begin to make aggressive movements, but excludingtive in self-defense. Don’t trouble her, and a snake also will not show you any interest,” he concluded.

the Vipers, meanwhile, found in the mountain Sarcasism Mezhdurechensk (Kemerovo oblast), “Vesti”. Eyewitnesses claim that snakes are right on the “Trail of health”. At the end of may in Yurginsky district and in the village the Cranes from the bites of snakes injured three people, among them two-year-old, reported by the portal Evo-RUS.com.

With the onset of heat snakes were activated in the Ryazan region, it is as harmless snakes and Copperhead and poisonous vipers, according to ProGorod62. As the portal notes, often meeting people with snakes end tragically for the reptiles, but during the spring-summer season the doctors of Ryazan capture cases of poisonous snake bites. A few days ago from a snake bite suffered by a little boy in St. Petersburg. The incident occurred during a walk on the Baltic Boulevard near the shore of the Gulf of Finland. The kid was walking with his mother and bent down to lift something from the ground. At this point, the Viper bit his two fingers of the left hand. The child’s condition suddenly worsened and he was taken to the resuscitation of one of city hospitals. For his life fighting doctors. Earlier in the research Institute of emergency care N.In. Sklifosovsky DZM made recommendations for action by the bite of a snake. So, first of all you need: limb immobilization (restraint) — to sidirovat nearest to the bite of a joint; you should drink as much liquid as possible; take any antihistamine; if possible, treat the bite with an antiseptic solution, with the imposition of sterile dressings immediately contact the nearest medical facility; keep calm. When a snake bite in no case do not need to do the following: use of a tourniquet on the affected limb; to make an incision, incisions, cauterization of the bite; local cold on the bite; the suction of the poison ineffective, greater risk of wound infections; independent the introduction of the serum against Viper; the use of alcohol. To avoid the bite of a Viper, experts advise not to walk in the woods in the outdoor clothing and footwear, shoes, high boots from a dense material or rubber boots, collecting berries or mushrooms you should first move the stick to the vegetation. If you see a snake, leave it alone, quietly move in the opposite direction, avoiding sudden movements, experts advise. Also you should take an antihistamine. How to distinguish a Viper: a poisonous snake with a length up to 65 cm Flat head with a rounded snout. Head well separated from body by a thin neck. Eyes with vertical pupils. The snake can be grey, fully black, yellow, brown or have a reddish and copper colour. The main difference is the stripe on the back in the form of zigzag. The pattern can be seen in any colour and is the main feature of Viper.

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