On the background of the pandemic in Russia has increased the number of patients with psychosis

a psychiatrist and narcologist Alexey Kazantsev told how to recognize psychosis.

According to him, this is an acute condition in which the person is disturbed orientation in the environment and time. The psychiatrist, according to News.ru noted that in psychosis the person can appear delusions and hallucinations — visual, auditory, and tactile.

the Expert also said that in psychosis patients “trying to get away from people, to hide, to attack someone or to freeze on the spot.”

Kazantsev said that psychosis could occur due to ingestion of toxic substances, genetic predisposition, or psychological trauma. The physician also stated that psychosis people began to suffer against the backdrop of a pandemic coronavirus. “In Russia, the number of patients with psychosis has increased,” said the doctor.

we will Remind that today in Russia revealed 823 thousand 515 cases of coronavirus in 85 regions.

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