On the complaint of shivering in the closet of patient with pneumonia, said,

Krasnoyarsk doctors have commented on the video, which recorded one of the hospitalized regional clinical hospital during the epidemic of the coronavirus.

the Entry did 37-year-old man in April was hospitalized with a diagnosis of “pneumonia” as the contact with the patient coronavirus. For two weeks he lay in a private room, and then he was discharged home, but in early June the temperature had risen to 40 degrees and he was again hospitalized by ambulance. On the recording of the “chamber” the man in the room wearing a hat, sweater, warm jacket and wool socks, but his voice was trembling from the cold.

“I was told that the hospital is full, and settled in this storeroom. And there cannot even read a book — in 15 minutes all hands are freezing. I brought a blanket — good thing too, because there wasn’t even blankets, but then given that I have already complained. But still slept in the jacket and hat, wearing two sweatshirts, two pants, socks woolen”, — the man told the TV station TVK.

In the regional hospital NGS24 said that the man was settled out in a “separate box” because of the suspicion of tuberculosis. “So you put it in the adapted room, there he was allocated a bed with bedside table, the temperature there was the same as in other areas. Perhaps it is some kind of individual perception,” — said in the hospital.

After he was transferred to the TB clinic, said the hospital.

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