On the complaint of the citizens of St. Petersburg on the blurred pedestrian walkway the team responded with photos in Sunny weather

Officials of the municipal formation of No. 54 Nevsky district on the complaint of local residents about severe flooding walkways in inclement weather, responded with photos taken in Sunny dry weather.

As reported by “Rosbalt” a resident of house No. 35, K. 3 according to the prospectus of Bolsheviks, a pedestrian path leads from the block to the side of the school and kindergarten, a large part of the year is in impassable condition. In spring and autumn and warm in winter, the trail is more like a swamp, in summer rainy weather, it is also difficult to pass.

According to a local resident, first appeal to the MO No. 54, which controls the state of the area went unanswered, after which she appealed to the administration of the Nevsky district. From there, her appeal was probably sent to the municipality, who reported that the accumulation of water on the tracks “were temporary,” and now they are in order. The letter was accompanied by photographs taken in dry weather.

In the municipality to the correspondent of “Rosbalt” refused to promptly provide a response.

“We do not give comments by phone. Can come, can apply officially. You will receive in statutory law in the form of a response within 30 days,” — said the source.

Reporter sent a written request via e-mail.

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