On the complaint of the Deputy of the state Duma initiated probably the first criminal hacking Telegram-channel

Deputy of the state Duma Anton Gorelkin, Telegram channel which previously was hacked, said he wants the guilty punished. He added that in fact the hacking criminal case.

In his channel “Gorelkin on the Internet,” the Deputy demonstrated the appeal of Deputy interior Minister Mikhail Vanichkin, where it is said that after checking the criminal case. Gorelkin does not exclude that this case may be the first in Russia, when the proceedings were instituted after the break-Telegram-channel.

“If the case was filed, therefore, identified the crime: hacking really took place, no doubt, writes of the Burner. According to him, part 1 of article 272 of the criminal code assumes the penalty from 200 thousand roubles of the penalty to 2 years imprisonment. Moreover, assured Gorelkin, it does not matter what will be the punishment, but it is important to sought out the perpetrator.

Recall Gorelkin elected from the Kemerovo region the list of “United Russia” in 2016. It is included in the information policy Committee of the state Duma. Gorelkin — author of resonant draft law “on important Internet resources”. The document was introduced in the house a year ago. He attributed to significant information resources of the IT company that focused on the Russian market, including “Yandex” or Mail.ru. In the original version was supposed to possess a significant information infrastructure resource can only Russian company, and the share of foreign ownership should be limited to 20%. After criticism from the market participants and the government, the document was finalized, but in the winter Gorelkin withdrew it from the Duma, saying that will make new adjustments.

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