On the court in the Netherlands rejected the version that the MH17 was shot down Ukraine

anti-aircraft missile at the plane “Malaysian airlines”, the fallen six years ago in a combat zone in the Donbass, could not run the Ukrainian armed forces. This was at a court hearing about the crash said the Dutch Prosecutor Thijs Berger.

He pointed out that “evidence indicates that the plane was in the radius in which it could shoot down the military of Ukraine”, the investigation found.

To this conclusion, according to the prosecution, the investigation came after the definition of the territory where Boeing could get fired from a Buk missile. This area, as militiamen established, located near the village of Pervomayskaya in the Donetsk region. “This small area was completely beyond the control of Ukrainian troops”, — quotes the public Prosecutor “Interfax”.

in addition, leading the investigating officers “did not reveal facts,” indicating that at the Board struck from areas near Amvrosievka, Yenakievo, Snezhnoye or zaroshchens’ke, writes TASS. In connection with the reference to the last village, Berger said that satellite images, provided by the Russian defense Ministry, “invalid or made in another time.”

Investigators also found that the disaster could not strike from military aircraft or an explosion on Board.

As reported in the Hague after the “coronavirus” pause resumed court of MH17. The case is considered in the absence of defendants: Russians Igor strelkov (Girkin), Oleg Pulatova, Sergey Dubinsky and Ukrainian Leonid Kharchenko.

the Airliner with 298 people flying from Amsterdam to the Malaysian capital, crashed on July 17, 2014, no one survived. A group of investigators from five countries found that the passenger plane flight MH17 was hit by a rocket from an anti-aircraft missile system (SAM) “Buk”, who came to the aid of the self-proclaimed militia Donetsk national Republic (DND) from Kursk (Russia). Russian authorities deny any involvement in this terrible event.

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