Jacques Nerson, for those of you who might ignore, is the drama critic of Obs . It has long been a critic at the Figaroscope and Figaro Magazine , that is to say that one knows well. At a time when the obsession of the act replaces the good christian moral, the suspicion of collusion is a national sport. We had, therefore, with a sense of humour, pleaded with Jacques Nerson, before you see his new staging, having done a bad show… A pleasure to the prince as to be able to show independence of mind and freedom…!

The guy, unfortunately, we have not been listened to. Not that his show is to our eyes perfect, but it is full of qualities. Nerson is not his first show. He had, among other things, directed Yasmina Reza and Fabrice Luchini in a Guitry. And it was a great success. This time, he focused on a piece of the novelist with Christian Giudicelli, a man of great heart. And it is this quality of the heart which is above all the charm of his piece.

He introduces us to young men and young women in their twenties, the more the mother still young, she also one of them. These are small touches of lived, tears of life to which it is difficult not to be sensitive. A little as in Round of Schnitzler, the characters intersect and desires guide them. It is the theatre of realism as one could really love it if Christian Giudicelli had the will and had built his room.

But it is written in a hurry and a bit foutraque. So much so that the staging of Nerson who, however, evidently feels the difficulty, does not help things. In good disciple of Brecht, that it is not, it puts us, in effect, the figures in the distance. To better explain to us that they are somewhat manipulated by life, but he does play with real puppets. No doubt this is well made and should gladden the heart of our dear director, but the process is large and removes empathy that would make the piece really touching.

Fortunately, the puppets disappear gradually over minutes and there are at least two nice scenes at the end. The young actors, on the other hand, are accurate and do a very good job. Jacques Nerson, it can never be said enough, so is a true servant of the theatre that he loves above all. It is well that it is put from time to time in the nude. To arms! Pull back on the criticism! About the author, it is on the right way to write a real good piece…

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