“Nothing lasts forever, everybody wants to rule the world” sang the duo’s iconic in its tube 1985. “Nothing lasts forever, everybody wants to rule the world.” And if the reason of the turmoil around the group was in these words after all this time? While Tears for Fears continues to be announced this summer at the shows of several festivals, the group seemed to be prey to new tensions. Last April, ten days before the launch of their european tour, the british band announced to fans being forced to postpone his concerts in 2019, for “medical reasons and on the orders of the doctors”. A disappointment quickly passed among the fans, once the new dates revealed and the new tickets purchased. But it seems that at the dawn of its kick-off, the running of the much anticipated tour is no longer so certain.

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This weekend, one of the technicians who accompanies Tears for Fears tour shared on Instagram a photo of Orzabal at the microphone. No Curt Smith on the horizon, but his guitar has been identified by the fans in one of the corners of the photograph.

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Back at it with my favorite bunch to tour with!

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Monday, on his Twitter account, Curt Smith explained that he would not be party to one of the fans who wished him good rehearsals for the tour. An announcement by the singer that falls like a stone into the pond: the first concerts of the tour are provided at the end of the month.

The internet users were quick to question the co-founder of Tears for Fears on his participation in the tour. “It does not depend on me, at this point,” admitted Curt Smith, while trying to reassure them. “I’ll keep you posted as soon as I will know more,” he replied to one of his fans. Another complains of deferrals and cancellations of concerts by the group, and explains to him that”a very good music does not compensate for the fact that le to repeat on the fans”. “It is not me who will say the contrary”, replied Smith. In addition to his tweets alarming, Smith has removed the reference to the group of his bio on Twitter. Bad omen? It remains mentioned on the behalf of the group.

“And when you think it’s all over, it’s not over”

The conflict between Orzabal and Smith would they be to blame again? In 1991, after a world tour, the domination of the stronger of the first pushed the second to leave the group. The two had then continued their careers separately, Orzabal still under the name Tears for Fears, and Smith solo. It is only in the 2000s that the duo is to be found, and that the album of reunification, Everybody Loves a Happy Ending , is found in the bins in 2004. Apart from two singles since then, three compilations of big hits for the group, a few concerts, but no new album, to the chagrin of the fans. After the death of his wife in 2017, Roland Orzabal had promised to continue to occur at all costs. The scheduled tour this year had been cancelled. Disappeared from the social networks since then, he has made no statement regarding the tweets of his comrade.

Announced at the Accor Hotel Arena in Paris on the 21st of February next, Tears for Fears included in his program come back from time to time by France for other concerts and even festivals. At the end of the month of June in Amnéville and then on to Tilloloy, the group with 30 million albums sold between 1983 and 1993 is also supposed to occur in July at festival Beauregard, the arenas of Nimes, and then to Lyon. Before finally ending his european tour to the stage at the Vieilles Charrues.

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At the present time, no one knows yet what will happen to this tour. The members of Tears for Fears is rabibochent, it only remains for fans to hope for an end, at least, not unhappy.