On the eve of the flash mob against the amendments to the Constitution of the St. Petersburg detained activists

In St. Petersburg detained a supporter of the “Peaceful resistance” Olga Smirnova, told the correspondent of “Rosbalt” activist Marina Ken.

According to her, the lady was placed in a paddy wagon, even on the morning of 30 June, leaving the house. The police tied their actions to protest in the beginning of the year.

“Supposedly for the people’s Assembly on 15 February 2020 under article 20.2, although the 15 February, she was not late and stood at the pickets with 3 days to 9 PM,” said Ken.

the Activist linked the police actions with target date of 1 July flash mob against the amendments to the Constitution.

Recall that in this day there will also be a major part of the vote on the amendments to the Constitution. According to political analysts and human rights activists, the main proposed rule should be considered a nullification of presidential terms, which would enable Vladimir Putin to run for presidency two more times.

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