On the exam in Moscow have registered 80 thousand graduates

In Moscow on the exam registered more than 80 thousand people, of which 64 thousand people — the graduates of 2020. These data led the Deputy mayor of Moscow Anastasia Rakova, Recalling that this year to pass the exam will be only those graduates who plan to enroll in universities.

According to her, 13 thousand people the total number are graduates of previous years.

the Official said that the exams of the Moscow graduates will pass 382 points in the exam. Rakova said that the room before beginning the examination of the campaign will be treated with disinfectant. Also a time schedule of arrival to avoid clusters of people.

Recall that the first exam will be held on 3 July. The exam in Russian language is scheduled on 6 and 7 July, 10 July — in core mathematics, July 13th in history and physics, July 16 — social studies and chemistry, July 20 — biology and the written part of the exam in foreign languages.

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