On the grounds of a garbage plant

the Investigative Committee of the Leningrad region on 16 June raided on industrial sites waste recycling enterprise “MPBO-2”. Said this yesterday in the office.

Attention of the security forces drew the plant in Yanino-1 and branch on Volkhonskoye highway. Officers seized electronic media and the necessary documentation.

in April, a criminal case for violation of the rules of waste management. The prosecution presented to the Director. According to open sources, we are talking about Tikhon Images.

“it was Revealed that allowed the improper placement and storage of waste within the boundaries of the adjacent lands, which resulted in the contamination of soils by chemicals, drainage and outfall ditches connected with guide trenches General use, violated the technology of waste disposal related to 3 class of danger, as well as a number of other violations of the rules of waste management”, — told the Agency.

Based on the case materials, the company’s management ignored the requirements of the controlling departments and was repeatedly brought to justice.

Add investigation initiated in April after media reports, complaints from local residents and environmentalists. So, about the pollution told representatives of the movement “Green front”, which revealed contamination of drains, MPBO-2 stream Narvin, rivers Okkervil and Neva. In may, after it was charged Tikhon Shmelev, “Green Front” was fixed as the territory of “MPBO-2” went loaded with unprocessed trash and compost truck which eventually made the unloading at the storage site of the company “LSR. Base”, located on Sophia street. According to the environmental activists, transportation of MSW and compost could be illegal.

Meanwhile, in Smolny at the end of may there were personnel pperestanovki. The beautification Committee left the Deputy Chairman Kirill Pashchenko, who oversaw the “trash reform” and work with the garbage plants. Journalists of the edition St. Petersburg sent a request to the Vice-Governor on housing and communal services and improvement of Mykola Bondarenko at Smolny to clarify the situation with addressing the problems of “MPBO-2”. However, the response from the administration was not received. The editors explained that the reluctance to answer sensitive questions.

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