On the Kamchatka Peninsula extended mode

In the Kamchatka region will be extended until June 30, the restrictions imposed in connection with the spread of the coronavirus, said acting Deputy Chairman of the regional government of the Roman Vasilevsky.

According to Vasilevsky, soon easing restrictions is not planned, since the CPS is “not something that discourages and prohibits”. Wasilewski noted that mitigation measures there are criteria that are currently in the region are not met. In particular, he said, hospitals “must be released more than 50% of beds”, and now “people are in the corridors”.

Previously, the isolation mode and a mask mode has been extended in Kamchatka to 11 June inclusive. In the region every day there are nearly 30-40 new cases of infection with coronavirus. According to recent reports, the infection is confirmed in 1255 people died on 28.

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