On the street Kollontai at the place of the hypermarket

In St. Petersburg on the street Kollontai instead of a hypermarket “Carousel” opens the supermarket “Crossroads” of large format. The closure of a hypermarket “Carousel” on reconstruction will be held on July 5.

prevention in the store and keep in the last days of work. The staff of the hypermarket in the shopping hall there are masks at the entrance free to buyers. The store is constantly broadcast the announcement of the gap, remind me and the store employees — for convenience on the floor coated with a special markup.

the company explained that the sales area of the future supermarket will be rebuilt for the basic needs of customers, and is 2,800 sq. m. the Main changes will affect the range, which constitute the basis of the category of “fresh” is dairy and meat products, bakery and confectionery products, fruit and vegetables. Also buyers a wider selection of ready meals and separate shelves with products for a healthy diet. In addition, the “Crossroads” will be a café with an outdoor kitchen, smoke house, bakery, pastry shop and tandoor.

“the Shop is equipped with modern services: electronic shelf labels, terminal loyalty, self-checkout, queue monitoring, Smart Wi-Fi”, — told the press service.

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