Visible on the left as soon as one enters the enclosure of the castle of Amboise, the chapel of Saint-Hubert in which came recently to collect the presidents of the Italian Republic and the French is home to does it really the remains of Leonardo da Vinci? The site has undergone changes in the years following the death of the Tuscan, also the exact location of his grave has been lost. Plates, explanatory and guides are a part of this uncertainty in the interests of historical accuracy desired by the administration.

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They suggest that the first burial place, the abbey of Saint-Florentin that was in the perimeter royal, was destroyed in 1808. More than a half-century later, Arsène Houssaye, assisted by a painter of history, of the intendant of the castle and inspector of fine arts, is conducting excavations. Inspector of the Museums of province, Houssaye was in his youth at the epicenter of the movement, …

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