A work of Banksy, under the title Season’s greetings , appeared on the wall of a garage in the town of Port Talbot, a city of about 35,000 residents in the south of Wales. The world Health organization has declared this year that Port Talbot was the location of the most polluted in the United Kingdom.

the first part of The graffiti depicts a boy with a beanie hat pom-pom, trying to catch it with his mouth what looks like flakes of snow. Gold, on the wall perpendicular to we see that these particles are the ash spouting out of a garbage can burning down.

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“I’m a little overwhelmed at the moment. Fans of Banksy will want to see the painting”

Ian Lewis, owner of a garage in Port Talbot

On Wednesday, the artist posted on his account Instagram a video detailing the work, followed by a long shot, showing the city’s industrial smoke accompanied by the text Season’s greetings . (Best wishes, in French).

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. . . . Season’s greetings . . .

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Ian Lewis, a worker who is 55 years of age, had been surprised to discover a work of art on the walls of his garage . “Let’s be frank, I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment. Fans of Banksy will want to see the graffiti,” he explained to the BBC. The local councillor, Nigel Thomas Hunt, meanwhile, “has asked the city council to install a safety device around the painting”. According to his colleague, Anthony Taylor, “the council has already put up walls to protect the graffiti”. “We have also spoken with other communities who have already had of the works of Banksy on their territory”, said the politicians.

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The urban artist Banksy has earned worldwide fame for his interventions in the world, including in France. On 5 October, he created the event by organizing the destruction of Girl With a Balloon , his work on paper sold for € 1.2 million, in the middle of the sales room in london Sotheby’s .