On the waterfront in St. Petersburg, a child bitten by a Viper, he's in intensive care

two-year-old boy was hospitalized in serious condition after the attack of a snake in the Krasnoselsky district of St. Petersburg.

according to an “Operational cover”, the incident occurred during a walk on the Baltic Boulevard near the shore of the Gulf of Finland.

yesterday morning at 10:36 babe was walking with her mother and bent down to lift something from the ground. At this point, the Viper bit his two fingers of the left hand.

the Boy abruptly became bad, it have taken away in resuscitation of one of city hospitals. For his life fighting doctors.

About the mother of the child knows that she works as an accountant in the North West regional shared service center of JSC “Russian Railways”.

it is Noted that small children are most difficult to tolerate the venom of a Viper. With the onset of heat these snakes can often be found in forests and near bodies of water, so parents should be particularly vigilant.

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