On the website for voting on amendments to the Constitution missed the point about

the official website dedicated to the vote on the question of amendments to the Constitution were passed, the amendment related to the reset timing of the current President, Vladimir Putin, writes “the Media”.

According to the newspaper, on the website there is a section explaining the essence of the proposed amendments to be voted on. They are divided into 15 blocks, one of which relates to “new requirements for people occupying the most responsible positions in the country.” In this unit, there was no mention of the amendment to article 81 of the Constitution, which “resets” the presidential terms of Putin. In other blocks it is also not mentioned.

According to the newspaper “Medusa” on Sunday evening the mention of the amendment about “zeroing”, thanks to which Vladimir Putin may get the opportunity to run for a fifth presidential and sixth terms on the website showed.

we will Remind, earlier it was reported about the appearance in the network of another petition with a demand to remove the “reset” of presidential terms of constitutional amendments.

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